The Tuscany of Pinocchio

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The land of toys

The Coins of Gold
.... Brand-new

confetti"No sooner had Pinocchio got into bed, and he fell fast asleep and began dreaming. In his dream he thought he was in the middle of a field, and this field was full of little trees, the branches of which were laden with clusters of gold coins that clinked in the breeze they went ting, ting, ting. On opening the purse, instead of forty brass coins, there were forty shiny brand-new pure gold coins!”

The Mint of Lucca is the oldest in Europe and has been minting coins since 650 to 1843. And you, have you ever had the occasion to see money being minted? The Antique Mint of Lucca offers you this rare and unique occasion. Besides the visit to the structure itself and the museum tour, it is possible at the Antique Mint of Lucca to participate in a workshop demonstration and assist at the coinage of a real metal coin.

“Gli Zecchini di Pinocchio” is a workshop created expressly for The Tuscany of Pinocchio, in the course of which, as well as the demonstration of the coin, we will revisit together with you the story of Pinocchio paying special attention to the coins and the technique of minting.

The visitors who can show that they have visited the Park of Pinocchio, will have the benefit of a discount of 20% on all the activities. Read the info of the Antique Mint of Lucca


Info Struttura

Fondazione Antica Zecca di Lucca – Museo della Zecca

Indirizzo: Mura Urbane, Casermetta San Donato – Lucca

Telefono: +39 0583 582320



Adatto a: Adulti e Bambini

Giorni e orari di apertura:
da martedì a sabato

E' richiesta la prenotazione
: No

Durata visita: 40' per il percorso museale e 1,5 – 2,00 h per il laboratorio

Struttura Accessibile: La struttura è agibile ai diversamente abili

Ingresso animali: Si

  1. The Gluttonous Dream
  2. The sweets of Pistoia - Bruno Corsini
  3. The Chocolate Factory – La Molina
  1. The Coins of Gold
  2. Brand-new
  1. A special Geppetto
  2. The Travels of Marino
  1. The fruits of gold
  2. Hesperidarium - The garden of citrus tree
  1. The wooden body
  2. The Machines of Leonardo
  1. Inside the cave
  2. A bit of adventure
  1. From log of wood to the puppet
  2. Let’s use our hands
  1. When I was a puppet
  2. Everyone at the theater

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