The Tuscany of Pinocchio

"I’m teaching the ants how to read"

The Animals

"Cri-cri-cri-cri-cri! - Who’s calling me?" asked Pinocchio, extremely frightened. - It’s me! Pinocchio turned around and saw a large cricket creeping slowly up the wall. - Tell me, cricket, who may you be? - I’m the Talking Cricket and I’ve been living in this room for more than one hundred years."

In the Adventures of Pinocchio, animals are certainly not missing! And they certainly have no lack of word!

Do you remember the friend tuna? And Alidoro who saved Pinocchio from being fried?
And then there are the pigeon, the glowworm, the dolphin, the cricket.
To not speak of the serpent, the dogfish, the weasels, the cat and the fox…
Even in The Tuscany of Pinocchio animals are not missing. One can encounter animals that are ferocious, rare, meek, funny, industrious, barnyard.

Pinocchio invites you to know them, their habits, their habitat. Because Pinocchio knows that to get to know the animals, means to learn to love them and protect them.
Therefore…come, browse among some very interesting opportunities to visit.

  1. The bestiary of Pinocchio
  2. Everyone to the Zoo
  1. The natural habitat
  2. All aboard
  1. A day in the country
  2. Everyone to the farm!

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