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Terme MontecatiniThe Zoological Garden of Pistoia is a place where young and old can meet the animals, get to know them up close and learn to protect them.

The activities dedicated to the public are numerous such as the bears’ breakfast, or the flight of the raptors, or for more little Chills, a presentation thanks to which one can appreciate the quality and the importance of the ecosystem of species often judged to be not very important or even toxic, such as reptiles and insects.

The park with to-date an extension of 7 hectares presents large areas that host the Brown bear, Lynxes, Wolves, Tigers and Lions. Among the many favorites of children, even the South African Penguin and the marvelous Lemur with its striped tail.

Coming soon the opening of the new area for the Asiatic elephants: a trip through the Asiatic forest told through one of its most important protagonists .

Two play parks for children, the food service and the vast picnic area make this a place for the entire family to pass a day together in contact with nature.

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Info Struttura

Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia

Indirizzo: Via Pieve a Celle 160/A Pistoia

Telefono: +39 0573 911219



Adatto a: Adulti e Bambini

Giorni e orari di apertura:
sempre aperto dalle 9.30 alle 17.00

E' richiesta la prenotazione
: Si

Durata visita: da 2 h a tutta la giornata

Struttura Accessibile: La struttura è parzialmente accessibile ai diversamente abili

Ingresso animali: Si

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