The Tuscany of Pinocchio

"Down with Arit Mettick "

The House of Pinocchio

“Geppetto's home was a little ground-floor room which was lit from under the stairway. The furniture couldn’t have been simpler: a very old chair, a rickety old bed, and a broken-down table. On the rear wall one could see a fireplace, with the fire lit; but the fire was painted, and next to the fire was a painted kettle that kept boiling merrily away, sending up a cloud of steam or what looked just like real steam”

The Home of Pinocchio, instead, is his Tuscany!

Pinocchio sets off on a journey together with you and your children to show you all that is beautiful in his land.

A generous land, that reaches as far as the sea, with so many exciting offers to choose from such as the love of nature, or gluttony, or to satisfy your curiosity, to know more, or for a little adventure…

The Tuscany of Pinocchio knows how to satisfy your every desire.

The territory that you will discover around you has all the qualities to enchant you and you are about to become charmed by its immense patrimony made of history, culture, tradition and taste.

During the visit to the Park of Pinocchio, have fun playing, discovering how and where Pinocchio will take you.

Because he knows what you like. Therefore…there is nothing else to do but turn the page

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The House of Pinocchio
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