The Tuscany of Pinocchio

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The House of Pinocchio

parco di pinocchioIl Parco di Pinocchio
The new proposals of the Park

Discover, pass through, change, guess, put things in the right places, compete. How many things can Pinocchio teach us?

Two new experiential workshops have come to enrich the offerings of the Park.

Alone or in the company of their parents, with teachers or with friends and older siblings, children can play and discover how to continue the amusement and the adventure even after the visit to the Park has terminated.

While it unfolds in villages, the countryside and seaside, Pinocchio and his Adventures become the starting point for an allusive scamper across Tuscany, from inland to coast.

Each visitor, following his own inclinations and personal desires, can pick from an ample choice of sightseeing opportunities to combine with the visit to the Park, suitable for the relaxation and amusement of adults and children, taking to the best advantage each single day or days chosen to be passed in Tuscany.

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Info Struttura

Il Parco di Pinocchio

Indirizzo: Via San Gennaro, 3 -
51012 Collodi (PT) Italy

Telefono: +39 0572 429342



Adatto a: Adulti e Bambini

Giorni e orari di apertura:
Alta stagione: aperto tutti i giorni dalle ore 8,30 al tramonto.
Bassa stagione: sabato e festivi e durante tutto il periodo delle vacanze di Natale dalle ore 10,00 al tramonto senza interruzione

E' richiesta la prenotazione

Durata visita:2 h

Struttura Accessibile: La struttura รจ agibile ai diversamente abili

Ingresso animali: Si

  1. The new proposals of the Park

pinocchioSviluppo Turistico Collodi

Via Pasquinelli, 6 - 51012 Pescia -
Telefono:+ 39 0572 429613
Fax:+ 39 0572 429614
Partita Iva 01829890472



The House of Pinocchio
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