The Tuscany of Pinocchio

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The Animals

A day in the country
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"-Three fields away from here lives Farmer Giangio, who has some cows. You go and visit him and he’ll find the milk you want. - What’s a donkey wheel? - It’s a contraption made of wood that brings water up from the cistern to water the vegetables.” [...] “ Giangio took the puppet into the vegetable garden and taught him how to turn the donkey wheel. Pinocchio set about working at once, but before he had finished drawing up a hundred buckets of water, he was soaked in sweat from head to toe. He had never worked so hard in his life.”

To Sow, Harvest, Milk, Transform, Grind. These are some of the main tasks in the life of the farm. The life that the majority of us have never had occasion to know but that in Pinocchio’s time represented the most diffused reality.

It’s a life of fatigue but one that gives great satisfaction and permits us once again to be close to nature learning to respect it.

To pass a day on a farm is an exciting experience. One can see so many things and try to do them as well. As for example, to milk a cow, gather vegetables from the vegetable garden and honey from the hives. And one can also try making bread or cheese! So, everyone to the farm!

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  1. A day in the country
  2. Everyone to the farm!

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