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"Brrrr! It makes me shudder at the mere thought of it!"

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San Rossore in CarrozzaAt Baugiano there is a farm where one can do many fun activities:
And already from the titles of the 5 theme areas one can understand…Agrizoo, Ortolandia, The Forest of the Goblins, The Garden of Perfumes, Prehistoric.

Baugiano is a magic place where children learn while having fun and the parents relax. And there is even Peter Pan.

More than a farm it is an oasis of 13 hectares within the Natural Park of Montalbano.

Among the many activities that one can do, two are specifically dedicated to Pinocchio and offer the possibility to follow life on the farm, together with other children or with family. One takes care of the animals, looks at the stars immersed in the silence of the country and one can participate in a workshop dedicated to bread, to cheese, to the vegetable garden or to honey.

In the Preistorica, the didactic prehistoric archeological park one can stroll in the Neolithic Age and see how a farm would have been 10,000 years ago!

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Oasi Agrituristica Baugiano

Indirizzo: Via delle Ginestre, 25-29 – Buriano – Quarrata – Pistoia

Telefono: + 39 0573 750221


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  1. The bestiary of Pinocchio
  2. Everyone to the Zoo
  1. The natural habitat
  2. All aboard
  1. A day in the country
  2. Everyone to the farm!

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