The Tuscany of Pinocchio

A beautiful little sky-blue carriage

The land of toys

Inside the cave
................. The grotto and the fisherman

“Pinocchio went on swimming, always keeping close to shore. At last he thought he had reached a safe place; and glancing at the beach, he saw among the rocks a kind of cave, out of which rose a very long plume of smoke." "At the same time, he saw a fisherman coming out of the cave, a fisherman who was so ugly, so very ugly he looked like a sea monster. Instead of hair, a thick bush of green grass grew on top of his head. Green was the skin of his body, green were his eyes, green was the long, long beard that reached down to the ground. He looked like a giant lizard standing on his hind legs.”

In the place that Pinocchio invites you to visit, you won’t find an ugly green fisherman like a green lizard standing on his hind legs.
And the cave is not between the rocks, but in the belly of the earth!

  1. The Gluttonous Dream
  2. The sweets of Pistoia - Bruno Corsini
  3. The Chocolate Factory – La Molina
  1. The Coins of Gold
  2. Brand-new
  1. A special Geppetto
  2. The Travels of Marino
  1. The fruits of gold
  2. Hesperidarium - The garden of citrus tree
  1. The wooden body
  2. The Machines of Leonardo
  1. Inside the cave
  2. A bit of adventure
  1. From log of wood to the puppet
  2. Let’s use our hands
  1. When I was a puppet
  2. Everyone at the theater

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The House of Pinocchio
The Land of toys
The Water
The Animals
The Paper