The Tuscany of Pinocchio

"Brrrr! It makes me shudder at the mere thought of it!"

The land of toys

From log of wood to the puppet
.... Let’s use our hands

confettiAt the House of Zela the spirit of Geppetto is everywhere in the museum. A simple piece of wood or iron is enough to make a useful tool. At times it is an object made for other uses that is reused for different functions. Nothing is thrown away. Just as it was for Geppetto and the famous piece of wood.

In The Tuscany of Pinocchio the museum testifies to the many activities that have for a long time animated the countryside. The farmer is a Geppetto who must endeavor to resolve with very little every problem.

The visitor, at the end of the story the museum tells, will have encountered, first hand, a fundamental principle: the more complex the tool the less the need of the contribution of man; the simpler the tool the greater the need of the wisdom of man. For the younger visitors there will be a real and true piece of wood to transform into a toy.

The workshops, “The Bicycles of the trade”, “An object, a story”, “Family Objects”, “It was a tack!”, “Imagining the design”, “Toys”, are intended for children of primary and secondary school and emphasize the value of doing things with one’s hands.

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Info Struttura

Museo di Casa di Zela

Indirizzo: Via Nuova, 48 Caserana – Quarrata

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Adatto a: Adulti e Bambini

Giorni e orari di apertura: la struttura è aperta sabato, domenica e giorni festivi dalla 15.00 alle 19.00

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Durata visita: 1Per la visita al Museo 1h . Per partecipare ai laboratori 2h

Ingresso animali: No

  1. The Gluttonous Dream
  2. The sweets of Pistoia - Bruno Corsini
  3. The Chocolate Factory – La Molina
  1. The Coins of Gold
  2. Brand-new
  1. A special Geppetto
  2. The Travels of Marino
  1. The fruits of gold
  2. Hesperidarium - The garden of citrus tree
  1. The wooden body
  2. The Machines of Leonardo
  1. Inside the cave
  2. A bit of adventure
  1. From log of wood to the puppet
  2. Let’s use our hands
  1. When I was a puppet
  2. Everyone at the theater

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