The Tuscany of Pinocchio

"Brrrr! It makes me shudder at the mere thought of it!"

The water

Drinking water
....Let’s visit the Spa

Terme MontecatiniConsidering the symbol of the city and of its glorious past, the Terme Tettuccio, besides being the oldest establishment of the antique Spa, is such a real concentration of beauty that it has been given the denomination of Tempio del termalismo europeo. The imposingness of the building and the richness of decorative embellishments that characterize the interiors constitute the maximum expression of the architecture of the spas of Montecatini.

The establishment, from the early twentieth century, was subsequently enriched with further constructions of noteworthy architectonic importance.

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Info Struttura

Terme di Montecatini

Indirizzo: Viale Verdi, 41 – Montecatini Terme

Telefono: +39 0572 7781



Adatto a: Adulti e Bambini

Giorni e orari di apertura:
Terme Tettuccio dal 1 aprile al 31 ottobre dalle 8.00 alle 19.00 Terme Redi Piscina Termale aperta tutto l'anno. Orario secondo le stagioni

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Struttura Accessibile: Varie attività sono agibili ai diversamente abili

Ingresso animali: Si

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  1. Drinking water
  2. Let’s visit the Spa
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