The Tuscany of Pinocchio

A beautiful little sky-blue carriage

The water

Drinking water
................. What thirst!

"Good woman, will you allow me to have a sip of water from your pail?" asked Pinocchio, who was burning with thirst. Go ahead, have a drink, my boy!" said the little woman, setting the two pails on the ground."

The Tuscany of Pinocchio proposes a visit to the drinking waters and don’t think we are kidding you.

They are thermal waters famous for their curative properties that flow pure ready to drink. They have fascinating names like Regina, Leopoldina, Tettuccio, Rinfresco…

Each one with its own characteristics. At the beginning of the twentieth century, around these thermal springs known since ancient times, establishments were built that are truly a concentration of beauty.

  1. Crossing water
  2. Walking on Water - The Lipu Oasis
  3. The city of the herons – The Marshes of Fucecchio
  1. Drinking water
  2. Let’s visit the Spa
  1. The regenerating water
  2. An ancient grotto

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