The Tuscany of Pinocchio

"Brrrr! It makes me shudder at the mere thought of it!"

The paper

The Route of the Paper
.... Let's go for a walk

Museo della Carta Pietrabona The “Via delle fabbrichine”, the paths of the “Master Paper Makers” so are called some of the routes of the network of paths of the Via della Carta© in Tuscany.

They are routes of various difficulties and lengths, equipped with stopover points, posters and signs. After being recuperated they became part of the RET The Hiking Network of Tuscany, adopting the same type of signs. Through this, you can follow in safety the path chosen, acquire information on the environmental, historical and cultural characteristics of the territory you are passing through, obtain information on stopping places, on the areas equipped for a stop, accommodation facilities e refreshment options, etc.

The paths that La Via della Carta© in Tuscany have recuperated, are of various difficulties and lengths and therefore suitable for expert hikers and even children, just choose the path most suitable and that allows you to pass a day immersed in nature.

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  2. The hands in the mix
  1. The Papier-maché
  2. Pinocchio in the Citadel
  1. The Route of the Paper
  2. Let's go for a walk

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