The Tuscany of Pinocchio

A beautiful little sky-blue carriage

The Paper

The Papier-maché
................. Newspaper, water and flour...

"[...]A few did somersaults, some were amusing themselves by walking on their hands with their feet in the air; some rolled hoops, some strolled about dressed like generals with paper helmets and papier-mâché sabres"

Water and flour. It’s not the recipe for fritters, but for preparing the simplest glue in the world. It is precisely with this glue and mountains and mountains of newspaper pages, that the giant papier-maché carnival floats of Viareggio are made. As high as 20 meters these mobile theaters challenge the laws of physics.

Making the festive papier-maché floats are the Master constructors of Viareggio. In many cases they are sons of art, who have inherited from their fathers and grandfathers the ability and the secrets of a trade unique in the world.

Come to learn the secrets of this craft directly from the Masters of papier-maché.

  1. The sheet of paper
  2. The hands in the mix
  1. The Papier-maché
  2. Pinocchio in the Citadel
  1. The Route of the Paper
  2. Let's go for a walk

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The Water
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The Paper